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The National Institute of Natural Sciences (NINS) is providing educational programs on nature for students, researchers and the general public. The museum is devoted to not only doing pure research in natural history but also collecting, preserving, exhibiting and researching various specimens of animals, birds, plants, insects, minerals, rocks, and fossils. The mission of the Museum is to provide the scientific information needed to conserve and manage the nation’s biological resources with an emphasis on the species and ecosystems. Specifically, the goals include the following.

  • Evaluate responses of fauna and flora to natural and anthropogenic influences.
  • Develop tools for assessing status and trends of animals and plant population.
  • Develop the biological knowledge needed to sustain and restore ecosystem.
  • Provide the scientific foundation for federal policies and management strategies related to natural resources.
  • Use integrated, long-term research to model linkages among ecosystem components.
  • Disseminate the latest in technical information and research finding to client agencies, conservation, organizations, and others responsible for the management of our natural resources.



  • Determining the future by conserving our environment, ecosystem, finding new thoughts, and sharing our resources with entire world.
  • Discovery: Expand a new idea or concept by covering the whole our objectives which is knowledgeable and purposeful for human beings and nation.
  • Creativity: Comprehension of our research result by imagination as well as modernism.
  • Excellence: Produce the excellent quality in all of our research activities and project.
  • Diversity: Generation of divergence in the projects what we handle.
  • Integrity: Implementation of all projects with liability and accountability as well as transparently.
  • Service: Maximization of profit to the public.

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Get Involved The NINS preserved thousands of zoological botanical, archeological specimens not only for visitors. Behind the doors of its historical meaning, the museum hoBehind the doors of its historical meaning, the museum ho used these specimens Read More

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